Traditional muscle exercises stop at plateaus 

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starts at them 

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 Physical trainers know that Motion Resistance is the real muscle building force. 

However, today's health and fitness experts are not trained to consider, or measure, how much of the Motion Resistance, created by the exercise methods they teach, actually oppose only muscle contractions. 

It took an engineer to ask this as a question.  
Then by applying the Force Mapping methods he used to trace energy through building designs,  he almost instantly discovered the universal law for adult exercise efficiency (muscle or cardio).

The percentage of all motion resistance, to any exercise, that only opposes adult muscle contractions, is also the measure of how  efficient the adult exercise is.

By simply applying this simple, he discovered that today's most popular methods are not even 10% efficient. Running is less than 5% efficient for strengthening larger adults.

 Joint and disk crushing explains why only according to a study from the University of Minnesota, only 4% of American adults, are physically fit. 

If that study was only adults over 35, instead of 21, that percentage is likely less than 1% of Americans being physically fit. 

This is because the way virtually all traditional muscle and cardio exercises work, is by first hindering your joints and or vertebrate, usually by compressing them. This means your muscles get their exercise by grinding down your joints and spinal disks.  

Average adults do not need any more joint and disk stress then life alone provides, however they do need powerful regular muscle and heart exercise to become and stay fit.  

Their are likely two main reasons why the world's medical and fitness experts have been fooled for so long about adult exercise. 

First, overworking the soft rapidly developing joints and spines of children has the opposite finished effect. 

It causes their growing parts to heal extra large  and strong to better handle how they are being highly stressed.  So modern exercises are actually wonderful, even perfect for children, just completely wrong for their parents.

Secondly, at around age 20, the average skeleton hardens, which actually allows it to move heaver exercise loads, and thus young adults look to keep benefiting as they did before age 20. 

 So for a while today's methods will strengthen adults, because the muscle, but if continued modern methods wear them out.  This also explains why most high intensity pro athletes are finished before they reach 30. 

Why water? He had no background in water exercise, but after he began designing methods to place external tension force against targeted muscles, he found it far easier to accomplish this in water. 

All of the new water exercise methods in this book were first designed on paper using Force Mapping of human levers. Many drive virtually all of the motion resistance only against muscle contractions.  Some even use the same resistance twice, for above 150% efficiency. 

To say that another way, these methods are so efficient they can run marathons worth of core and heart muscle exercise, for almost everyone, including countless millions who can not even walk or swim. 

Without the joint and disk smashing these methods are not only painless, full body muscle including cardio workouts are over in just minutes.      

 Iron Man Firefighter Nick Schirtzinger BBIW master




 Go try this:
How well do BBIW exercises work? 
                 Would the world's greatest cardio exercise:
  • Condition almost every muscle, from the toes to finger tips
  • Only oppose muscle contractions, not joints or vertebra
  • Causes less skeletal compression than sitting still 
  • Allows almost anyone to rapidly reach and hold their target heart rates with gentle ease
  • Fights both opposing and primary muscle contractions
  • Core muscles (not weaker parts) work hardest
  • Causes no wear or tear on the spine or joints
  • Provide a full "runner's high" for people who cannot even run 
  • Provide powerful waist size and weight loss for the morbidly obese
  • Treats insomnia (deeply tires core muscles)
  • Requires nothing but a few square feet of chest deep water  
  • Almost anyone can do it, far easier to do then running
  • Be painless to do 
 Ask any doctor, trainer or athlete if they know of an
that does all these things, if not
, link them to this video: 

World's second greatest cardio workout

 Stability Factors:  The foundations for BBIW

Can you imagine running, or doing push-ups, on top of a mountain of feather pillows?

The people who say "water is the best place for exercise" know something because water allows virtually 'weightless' exercise.  Without body weight also stressing joints and disks (along with muscle effort) muscles have the opportunity to exert that much harder without working the joints disks any harder, weight stress, while causing less joint stress. 

Without something bracing the muscles for deep exertions the effort falls apart through other motions. Because they were not taught how to use stability factors Olympic swimmers still to go to the stabilized weight room, to build muscle.

Swimming and Water Aerobics are far better as cardio exercise than any cardio method that shares the knees with body weight. However, these traditional wet exercise methods have almost no 'support' to brace muscles for deep exertion, so they are very much like doing push-ups on a mountain of feather pillows. 

Swimming is actually the methods of moving through water with the least amount of resistance.  BBIW is about loading up to as much water resistance as is humanly possible in the directions that only directly oppose targeted muscle contractions, so no bones loaded.

To avoid the mountains of feather pillows, BBIW uses dozens of what we call Stability Factors. Personal Training Certification testing which is expected this fall will cover these.

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